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Lucy finished a 4- session basic tricks class.  She can roll over, jump thru a hoop walk thru a tunnel, turn in a circle, step up on stool, walk along a plank, put a ball in a ‘bucket’.  We are smiling!
Lila Rudulph

He is doing great and is a snuggler.  Love him to pieces.  He is such a good listener and has such a sweet demeanor!  Nate absolutely adores him!!  What a great job you did with him.  Thank you so much.  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family!! 
Wess, Janell and son Nate Leanna

Hello Karina
Just letting you know how much we love Zeus.  He is the best dog we ever could have gotten.    Thank you so much.
Bill and Jerri Pate

My boyfriend and I got our babies Chassis and Zoey in January. We are very happy with them, love them to pieces and would be lost without them. They are very happy, lovable and most importantly healthy pups. Also Karin was very great to work with when I had questions.
Thank you so much!
Kiersten Pratt

We named our puppy Harriet and we are in love with her.  She is so smart and is truly a delight.  She has really grown and weighs nearly 30 pounds.  We couldn’t be happier!
Rita Golden

Hey Karin, I took Ivy to the park today and got she amazing pictures of her I would like to share with you. I have been teaching her new tricks and she picks up on them so well.  I am so proud of her!
Tyler Hoeken

Star is all tuckered out from playing with Blue
Pamela Wallace

Yes, I did keep the name Reeses.  We are doing pretty well.  He is a pretty smart dog and well behaved for the most part, he still looses his mind when it comes to new people that he can’t contain himself ( not necessarily a bad thing) .  He is also pretty entertaining when it comes to barking  because he never barks unless the situation warrants it or if someone pretends to bark at him, then he just jions in for fun.  He loves to howl as well if encouraged.
Micah Stark

We kept the name Reba, she looks like Reba. She has adjusted well!  Out 2 year old Golden Retriever really loves her new friend and plays with her a lot .   She gets us up in the middles of the night only once now to let her out to go potty now.  Reba is so easy to love!   Hope is all well with you and thanks for helping us adopt Reba!
Charlie and Suzzane Barrett

Hi Karin, “Dolly” (Princess KC Leilani) Lei-lani means flowers from heaven” She is an amazing puppy. Our first experience with the breed. She and I are taking classes once a week called Surviving Adolescence. A lot of information and consistency she’s coming along. We head to the dog park 3 times a week and walk/jog the other days at 6 am. when it is cooler. She is 7 1/2 months old and we love her soooo much. Leilani is so happy, playful and loves to greet new people. Thank you for breeding a fantastic pup.
Mary Kay and Bill

WIth her puppy Charley
Stephanie Boone

Just wanted to share this picture of Nikki – she is our “Hot Shot”! She is really growing and is now 4 months old. She is so much fun and has captured our hearts with her great personality. Nikki loves spending time exploring in our backyard.
Debbie Ray‎

“Great dog, healthy, happy, even well behaved. Karin does a great job with her dogs! “
Cathy Schoonveld

“I got my Bella from her 5 years ago and she is still the best Pup ever!! Thank you Karin”
Bev Barton

Always has beautiful puppies, well taken care of and handled with love. She does an awesome job with her aussies!
Kelly Norwood

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